An exotic, nuts and spices blend. Added to milk, it makes for a wholesome and nourishing drink. Children find its taste irresistible. Chilled or hot, it makes a rich drink fit to be served to guests and friends.


Can be used for garnishing Kulfi, Rasmalai, and various other Indian sweet meats.


Before you begin: Everest Kesari Milk Masala - ½ tsp, Milk - 2 cups, Sugar to taste.

Add ½ tsp Everest Kesari Milk Masala to 2 cups of milk and boil. Add sugar to taste. Serve hot or chilled.

It also adds flavour and richness when added to Ice-creams, Kulfi, Milk Shakes, Kheer etc. and can also be used to garnish Indian Sweets.


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